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A FREE short course focusing on alphabet knowledge, sequencing and multisensory letter recognition. The 26 letters really are your super powers for learning to read, write and spell! 


Why take this course?

The 26 letters of the alphabet really are our super powers for learning to read, write and spell. If we don't have a direct and automatic match between the letter and the sound it represents, reading is slow and difficult. Lack of alphabet knowledge, ability to sequence sounds and letters at the same time and letter shapes for writing, often prevent learners of all ages from learning to read. This evidence-based approach is multisensory and repetitive to give learners an opportunity to learn a way that suits them.

Follow these 6 short video tutorials with the 26 Letters Pack and your learner, for successful alphabet knowledge and literacy learning:

1. Wooden Letters
2. Wipe-off Letter Cards
3. Alphabet Kingdom Book
4. U Pencil
5. 26 Letters Workbook

After approximately 10 weeks of repetition, you will see their confidence grow and their interest in learning begin to take off!

"My daughter has made huge progress since starting with the 26 Letters Pack. Once I did this course, I felt much more equipped to use the pack and help her to improve her alphabet knowledge. She's even enjoying reading and writing now!"

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Want to see your learner's confidence grow as they learn to read, write and spell?


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