Use the Learnersaurus Literacy Program at home, in schools or in your business

This intensive online course will give you all of the knowledge and resources you need to start coaching learners with literacy difficulties, using the Learnersaurus Literacy Program.

Online Course $495 + License subscription

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Why become a Learnersaurus Coach?

Do you want to help someone who is struggling to read? As a Learnersaurus Coach, you will change the lives of struggling learners by teaching them to read, write and spell in a way that suits their learning style, using the Learnersaurus Literacy Program. Take this course to help a child at home, or help many learners in your own business.

As a Learnersaurus Coach:

  • You will complete intensive training in how to use and implement the Learnersaurus Literacy program
  • Become accredited as a licensee to use the Learnersaurus programs
  • Join a group of like minded professionals with support and ongoing learning
  • Require little preparation for your students
  • Be provided with forms and materials to save time in preparing resources and lessons, allowing you to focus on developing your students' skills.

How does the Learnersaurus Literacy Program help?

Many dedicated professionals and parents have spent years trying to support and expedite the process of assisting their students to read, write and spell, with little success. Students are often frustrated and disengaged, while parents are time poor, often looking for an easy-to-follow solution.

The Learnersaurus Literacy Program has taken many years to develop, with researched and evidence based methods, providing successful for those who struggle with literacy. Most students working with the Learnersaurus Literacy Program will see success within 10 weeks, and after 40 weeks using the program, the student should be reading confidently with improved spelling and writing skills.

What's in the course?

The reading, videos, worksheets and quizzes in this course will give you an understanding of the research around the evidence based methodologies used to support dyslexic learners. You will learn about how literacy develops, which is then used to support the application and methodologies used in the Learnersaurus Literacy program. You will learn to use the very structured workbooks and resources, providing an easy-to-follow structure for the learner and parent.

The course includes 8 modules:

Module 1: What is Dyslexia?
Module 2: Assessing & Identifying Dyslexic Learners
Module 3: Supporting the Dyslexia Learner
Module 4: Linking Difficulties to Solutions
Module 5: Alphabet Work
Module 6: Your First Learnersaurus Session
Module 7: Moving Through the Program
Module 8: Being a Learnersaurus Coach

At the end of the course, you need to complete a Case Study by practising the program with a learner. Once this has been approved by the Learnersaurus team, you will receive some extra resources and you're ready to start coaching!

The modules in this course address the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:
1.2,  1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, 2.5, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.4, 7.4


What do I receive?

Upon purchase, before you start the course, we will send you a "Coaches Kit" which includes all of the resources required to complete the course:

+ Downloadable Case Study
+ 26 Letters Pack
+ Literacy Pack 1

When you finish the course, as a licensed Learnersaurus Coach, your ongoing license fee will include:

+ Certificate and permission to use the Learnersaurus Literacy Program
+ Manifesto (Coach handbook)
+ FREE downloadable resources emailed to you
+ Monthly product discounts
+ Two FREE professional development days each year (to attend in person or online remotely)
+ Promotion on Learnersaurus website and social media channels (optional)
+ Access to Learnersaurus Coach Facebook group and email support

If you're looking for an alternative pathway to literacy learning, with a passion for supporting those with learning difficulties and dyslexia, this is for you. This course is perfect for Tutors, Speech Pathologists, MSL trained professionals, and parents who can deliver the program one-on-one at home, in schools or within your own business.

We are looking for people who:

  • Are passionate about helping others
  • Want to follow a structured program to teach reading
  • Are dedicated to improving literacy learning
  • Want to assist dyslexic learners

When you start the course, we will send you a "Coaches Kit", containing all resources and products that are specifically designed for teaching the dyslexic learner. Nothing else is required to deliver the program, saving you on preparation and assessment time. Additional resources and games are available in our shop to expand your kit if you wish!

The course should take you about 15 hours. There are 8 modules, which take approximately 1-2 hours each, including lots of practical activities to get you familiar with the resources and activities.

Make sure you go through the course thoroughly, taking in all information, completing practical tasks and revising as many times as it takes. The beauty of doing the course online, is that you can take as long as you need, and access the course whenever and wherever it suits you.

The case study at the end will involve 3 separate practise sessions with a learner. Each session will take about 30-45 minutes. 

Our License agreement exits to ensure that those needing support receive the required help through a well trained coach, delivering the program to its full potential. The learners must see success immediately, so the program must be delivered appropriately. We get one chance at this, so we want to do it right!

By committing to one year of the licence, we can be assured that the learner(s) you are working with will complete the program, and gain the best possible outcome. 

We can’t teach you everything in just 2 days of training, so your learning needs to continue after the initial training, and we will be here ensure you have expert guidance to provide ongoing support.

The licence also protects the IP of Learnersaurus, giving a quality mark to the coach.

Coaching to suit you!

One course with three great options...

I want to coach my own learner at home...

When you have completed the online course, you will be equipped with the knowledge, resources and structured program that is easy to follow for both you and your learner at home.

I want to coach many learners in a school...

As a Learnersaurus Coach, you will have the knowledge and resources to work with students one-on-one in a school. By following the Learnersaurus Literacy Program, you will help learners to succeed! Your school will need to agree to the license. 

I want to coach many learners in my business...

After completing the online course, you can be a Learnersaurus Coach, working independently in your business with learners one-on-one. You will have a very structured and easy-to-use program for your learners, while supporting their families. 

What does it cost?

Online course and resources $495 + license subscription
(first subscription payment 30 days after purchase)

Monthly license subscription



+ $495 one-off course fee

*Minimum 1 year


Yearly license subscription



+ $495 one-off course fee



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