Introduction to Dyslexia and Literacy Learning

Learn all about dyslexia and literacy learning, so you can help your learners to succeed, for only $99.


Why do this course?

For those who work with literacy or learning difficulties, this course will provide you with knowledge of dyslexia and literacy development, empowering you to assist learners who struggle to read, write and spell. 

The Learnersaurus courses have been prepared to share the knowledge, methodologies and resources that we have developed over many years of research and practise, so you can focus on helping those who struggle with literacy.

The course includes:
Module 1: What is Dyslexia?
Module 2: Assessing & Identifying Dyslexic Learners
Module 3: Supporting the Dyslexia Learner

These are the first 3 modules for the Learnersaurus Coach course, so when you're finished, you can choose to continue on to become a coach using the Learnersaurus Literacy Program!

Anyone who wants to learn more about how literacy is acquired and what it means to be a dyslexic learner. Many parents and teachers have benefited greatly from this course, using the knowledge to support their learners and educate others about dyslexia.

Just a passion for supporting those with learning difficulties and dyslexia.  

There are 3 modules, which take approximately 1-2 hours each. Take as long as you need to go through the course thoroughly, taking in all information, completing practical tasks and revising as many times as it takes. You can access the course whenever and wherever it suits you.

What does it cost?

Complete the course for $99.

"I found this course very interesting, and it has opened my eyes to working with my dyslexic students in a whole different way!"

Learning Support Teacher

Knowledge is power!

Do you want to learn about dyslexia and literacy learning, to help your learners to succeed?


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